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Yellow PTD TIGER Stripe Waste Sack 39" 15KG (8x25)

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The Yellow Resuse Sacks with Black Stripes are also known as a 'Tiger Bags'. Suitable for the disposal of non-infectious offensive waste - The fastest growing waste channel across most sectors of healthcare.

Tiger Stripe Waste Bags feature a distinctive black and yellow stripe pattern which is the key identifying feature is a core part of the bag structure, as opposed to an overlaid printed stripe on an otherwise all-yellow clinical waste bag.

Many hospitals and other healthcare establishments have expanded the use of this waste channel. Where hospitals would, in the past, exclusively use yellow and orange clinical waste streams for hazardous and infectious waste, increasing numbers are now adding the distinctive yellow and black ‘Tiger Stripe’ offensive waste channel to their waste management line up.

Correct waste segregation is the starting point for making savings and reducing environmental impact by using an offensive waste stream. Offering enormous advantages, the yellow and black stripe pattern is visible throughout the bag, inside and outside, top and bottom and on all sides. This allows the bag to be correctly identified with ease - A major issue when bags are held in partly obscured frames, as they very frequently are in hospitals.