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Suma Drain GTS Plus 10L

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Suma Drain GTS Plus is a ready-to-use highly concentrated biological
formulation, specifically designed for the preventive maintenance of grease
traps, drain line treatment, wet wells and sewage injection pits.
Key properties
Suma Drain GTS Plus is a highly concentrated formulation which contains a
blend of microbial species that demonstrates superior enzyme production
as lipase, cellulose, protease and amylase which together degrade organic
waste as grease, short- and long-chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids and
Suma Drain GTS Plus contains ingredients, which reduce the production of
odours by inhibiting biological production of odour causing compounds as
hydrogensulfide and the rancid, foul-odoured volatile fatty acids that result
from septic or anaerobic environments.
Suma Drain GTS Plus contains a special patented strain which degrades
long-chain fatty acids that are known to be [persistent in the environment
causing the majority of maintenance and treatment problems.
Suma Drain GTS Plus incorporates an innovative inhibitory system that
produces excellent product stability, yet upon addition to a drain line or
grease trap, these same ingredients stimulate the growth and activity of the
Suma Drain GTS Plus is friendly for the environment and will not damage
drain pipes and grease traps.
Superior biodegradation of organic waste keeps the drain grease
Superior germination and enzyme production results in increased
bacterial activity in a variety of organic waste applications.
Eliminates bad odours from the drain system.
Enhanced performance under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
Highly concentrated formula which can be applied manually or via
automatic dosing system.
Safe for drain system