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Jontec Tensol Conc Cubifil 5Ltr & Jontec Tensol Conc Dosing Bottle

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If you are looking for the benefits of super concentrates without
having the possibility to connect a Diversey dilution system to the
buildings water facilities, Exact is the solution for you.
Exact consists of light weight, portable 1L dosing bottles which are
refilled from 5L bag in box concentrated products.
With Exact, all your sites can benefit from environmentally friendly
and cost effective concentrated products.
Key benifits
• Flexible and Portable - no water connection
• Improves your Environmental Footprint
• Simplifies your Operation
Flexible and Portable - no water connection
Exact dosing bottles do not require any connection to water and
can therefore be used in any of your sites. Exact is also ideal for very
small sites with low consumption which cannot be supplied on a
regular basis.
Improves your Environmental Footprint
The Exact 5L bag in box refills the Exact dosing bottles, making the
environmental impact of the dosing bottles close to zero. The bag
in box has the lowest environmental footprint, due to dramatically
reducing packaging waste and transport.
Simplifies your Operation
All Exact dosing bottles are equipped with a dosing cap delivering
the same amount of chemical every time to help you control the
consumption. The Exact platform is also fully colour coded including
the products, the labels and the spray bottles to ensure easy
recognition and product use.