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IntelliCare Hybrid Dispenser

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A complete and intelligent hand care solution
The IntelliCare™ Hand Hygiene dispensing system is part of a complete
and intelligent hand care solution designed to prevent infection,
improve productivity and protect your brand reputation.
The IntelliCare™ Hybrid touchless hand care dispenser is the fi rst one
worldwide to include patented hybrid technology, enabling alwaysavailable hand hygiene. The dispensing system addresses all of your
hand care needs with a versatile, modern and durable platform that is
compatible with liquid, cream and foam products.
Dispenser Features
• Patented hybrid functionality
• Low-content alert informs staff when product level is low, enabling
a “never empty” function
• Robust and reliable ABS-plastic, scratch and UV-resistant body
with no dirt traps make for an easy maintenance and spotless
• Leading battery life and waterproof components to ensure reliable
long-lasting operations with minimal maintenance requirements
• State-of-the-art dispenser design with a large window, allowing
user content visibility and product identifi cation from outside
• Simple and intuitive touch-free operation, complimented by an
illuminated “Push” icon if batteries need replacing
• Dose size switch within the dispenser
• Snap-in, customizable placard and window labels for product
identifi cation, messaging and color coding
• Accessories that enable hand hygiene across application areas:
drip tray and fl oorstand.
Benefi ts
• Always-available functionality minimizes the risk of HCAIs and
other “never events” resulting from non-operational dispensers
• Improved work effi ciencies with a quick and easy dispensing, refi ll
and product identifi cation
• Innovative functionality and infection-prevention features
improve customer experience
• Smooth and safe user experience stimulates hand hygiene
compliance and positive public health
• Kind to the environment, with an unparalled lifecycle sustainability
• Modern design allows for a smooth set-up and natural blend-in
across usage environments