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Granity Rocks Tumblers

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Pack Size x48

Granity Rocks Tumbler 9oz Qty: Granity Rocks Tumbler 9oz - In Stock £69.66 ex VAT
Granity Rocks Tumbler 10.25oz Qty: Granity Rocks Tumbler 10.25oz - In Stock £40.22 ex VAT
Granity Rocks Tumbler 14oz Qty: Granity Rocks Tumbler 14oz - In Stock £49.33 ex VAT

Product Details

This Arcoroc Granity Rocks Tumbler is part of the retro range idea brought in from the American diner. The chunky glasses are very durable and can take heavy knocks that would break other glasses. They are used in place of a standard hi-ball range. This size tumbler is widely used for breakfast, conference and the bathroom because its toughened. The Granity range is fully tempered or toughened to make it 5 times stronger extending its life-cycle. Added safety comes from the toughening process- when the glass breaks the shards are not sharp to the touch.