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Cif 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant 'Safeguard'

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Kills 99,99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses (Including Coronavirus) in only 1 minute!

Cif SafeGuard Professional 2in1 Cleaner Disinfectant is a
combined detergent and disinfectant for one step cleaning
and disinfection of all hard surfaces including in food
premises. It is very effective against a wide range of
micro-organisms, in all water conditions and cuts through
grease and dried-on food soiling.

• Kills bacteria and yeast in 30 seconds and enveloped
viruses (incl. coronaviruses) in 1 min
• Powerful cleaner and disinfectant
• Cuts through grease and dried-on food
• Suitable for use on hard surfaces inside and outside of the
• Perfume free