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Caterwrap Baking Parchment 30cm

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A box of three 50 metre long rolls of baking parchment to fit the Wrapmaster 3000 dispenser. This product, developed by Wrapmaster, was designed with durability and convenience in mind. The baking parchment is coated on both sides with silicone, providing a non-stick surface that is heat resistant up to 220°C for 20 minutes and can also be used in the freezer. The silicone coating means the parchment is perfect for grease and oil free cooking and can be re-used up to 4 four times; when combined with the Wrapmaster 3000 you can save up to an additional 35% on waste compared with not using a dispenser.

Product features
• Dimensions 12"/300mm x 50m
• Weight 1.94kg
• Double sided silicone coating
• Reduces waste
• Tangle free dispensing
• Fits Wrapmaster 3000 (M801)